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Have you been accused of aggravated stalking in Athens, GA? Finding the right attorney is crucial to protecting your freedom. Aggravated stalking is a serious offense that involves more than persistent unwanted contact; it can include violating a court order or causing fear for safety, which Georgia law treats with severe legal consequences.

Many people need to fully realize the significant impact a free consultation can have on their legal journey. At Swingle Levin, we offer this significant opportunity because we believe that knowledge is power, particularly in navigating the complexities of criminal defense. Those charged with aggravated stalking may face imprisonment, hefty fines, and long-lasting personal and professional repercussions.

We are committed to ensuring that anyone accused of a crime receives a solid and effective defense. Our mission is to provide the necessary legal support to those facing charges of aggravated stalking, making sure their side of the story is heard and their rights are protected through the whole legal process.

Understanding Aggravated Stalking

Aggravated stalking is a more severe form of stalking that involves additional elements that pose more significant risks or harm to the victim. While simple stalking generally involves following, watching, or contacting another person repeatedly in a manner that causes emotional distress without a legitimate purpose, aggravated stalking goes a step further.

Differences Between Aggravated Stalking and Simple Stalking

The critical differences between aggravated stalking and simple stalking often revolve around the intent, the presence of a protective order, or the perpetrator’s actions being particularly threatening:

  • Protective Order Violation: Aggravated stalking frequently occurs when the perpetrator continues the stalking behavior despite there being a court order (such as a permanent restraining order or protective order) explicitly prohibiting such behavior.
  • Threats of Violence: If the stalking includes threats of violence or the implication of bodily harm, it can elevate the charge to aggravated stalking.
  • Prior Convictions: In some jurisdictions, if the perpetrator has prior stalking convictions, second or subsequent offense may be charged as aggravated.
  • Minors as Victims: Depending on the jurisdiction’s stalking laws, stalking a minor can sometimes escalate the charge to an aggravated level.

Legal Criteria and Conditions for Aggravated Stalking in Georgia

In Georgia, the law defines aggravated stalking as follows: It occurs when a person violates a court order or injunction (such as a bond to keep the peace, a restraining order, a condition of pretrial release, a condition of probation or parole, a temporary or permanent protective order, or an injunction for protection against domestic violence) and engages in stalking.

Under Georgia law (O.C.G.A. § 16-5-91), a person commits the offense of aggravated stalking when:

  • They stalk another person in violation of a court order prohibiting such behavior.

  • The actions involve following, placing under surveillance, or contacting another person without their consent to harass and intimidate the victim.

To be convicted of aggravated stalking in Georgia, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  • A valid protective order was in place and applicable to the defendant.

  • The defendant knowingly and willfully violated this order by engaging in behavior that met the legal definition of stalking.

The distinction between simple and aggravated stalking is crucial because it reflects the seriousness of the threat and the potential harm to the alleged victim. In Georgia, aggravated stalking is treated as a felony, indicating the state’s strong stance against this violation, especially when protective orders are disregarded. If convicted, people face significant penalties, including imprisonment, fines, and long-term restrictions on their behavior and movements. 

Georgia’s legal system takes this type of behavior very seriously, and it is addressed explicitly in O.C.G.A. § 16-5-91. According to this law, if someone violates a protective order, such as a temporary protective order or a permanent injunction, the offense becomes much more serious. It’s important to get an attorney if you have been charged with aggravated stalking. Get somebody who understands the legalities surrounding this. At Swingle Levin LLC, we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Legal Consequences of Aggravated Stalking

Aggravated stalking not only disrupts lives but deeply affects personal freedom and security. In Athens, GA, the consequences are severe and usually include strict legal penalties.

Penalties include:

Imprisonment: A guilty verdict can lead to a felony conviction, with possible jail time ranging from one to ten years.

Fines: Fines can reach up to $10,000.

An aggravated stalking conviction can leave a lasting mark on one’s personal and professional life.

Long-term impacts are severe:

Criminal Record: A felony record can make finding jobs, pursuing education, or securing housing difficult.

Social Consequences: Personal relationships often suffer, leading to social isolation.

Professional Setbacks: Career opportunities may be limited due to concerns about one’s integrity.

Aggravated stalking charges often come with complex sets of facts and intricate timelines that can mean the difference between an acquittal and a conviction for a crime that will stain you for life.  At Swingle Levin, we take these cases seriously and will work to fully understand your story.

How Swingle Levin LLC Can Help

Aggravated stalking is a serious charge in Athens, GA, and handling it effectively requires an experienced attorney. At Swingle Levin LLC, we understand criminal defense and tailor our approach to fit each client’s unique situation. We prioritize creating a personalized defense strategy for every case.

We are well-versed in the complexities of the judicial system, including how to obtain or challenge temporary protective orders. Our firm is committed to thoroughly investigating every aspect of a case to build a strong defense. We guide our clients through every step of the process, fully aware of the impact a stalking charge can have on their freedom and reputation.

Our services include thoroughly reviewing the charges against you or your loved one and collecting evidence to strengthen your defense. We are deeply involved in each case, ensuring our clients benefit from a comprehensive criminal defense. 

Our team is committed to defending your rights, handling issues such as a temporary restraining order as needed, and advocating vigorously on your behalf. At Swingle Levin LLC, we aim to give our clients a deep understanding of aggravated stalking cases and our determination to achieve favorable results.

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