Athens-Clarke County Superior Court

Overview of the Clarke County Superior Court

The Clarke County Superior Court is the highest court in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. The Court’s primary purpose is to oversee criminal and civil cases according to the laws of this state, provide fair trials for all parties involved in a case before it, and make just decisions. Athens-Clarke County currently has four superior court judges that preside over all superior court cases in Clarke County.

Each judge has a staff of judges, clerks, bailiffs, lawyers, and other personnel who assist with the administration of justice. These individuals work to ensure that all cases are heard promptly and efficiently. 

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In addition to having general jurisdiction, the Superior Court in Athens-Clarke County also has exclusive jurisdiction over cases involving felonies, divorces, equity, and land titles. The court’s jurisdiction also covers civil matters such as tort claims (involving physical or emotional injury), contract disputes, and other civil cases.

The court is also exclusively competent to rule on declaratory judgments, habeas corpus, and several other specific matters. 

A jury system is also in place to hear cases in the court, which consist of Athens-Clarke County residents chosen by the Clerk of Court in accordance with county requirements.

What Does the Superior Court in Athens-Clarke County Do?

The Superior Court is the highest county trial court. It has jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases originating in Athens-Clarke County, including the following:

  • Felony offenses that carry the maximum sentence of life imprisonment or death

  • Cases involving real estate, contracts, and other civil matters, such as domestic relations

  • Appeals from the county’s probate court

  • Appellate review of decisions made by inferior courts and administrative agencies

  • Accepting guilty pleas in criminal proceedings, imposing sentences, setting bail/bond amounts, or granting probation

  • Oversee various alternative courts, such as a drug court and a mental health court, that provide alternative sentencing options for criminal cases

  • Ruling on petitions for writs of habeas corpus

What Are the Common Processes for This Court?

The Superior Court in Athens-Clarke County follows the same rules of procedure and practice as other Georgia courts. All pleadings, motions, documents, and records are filed with the Clerk of Court, who is responsible for keeping accurate records. The Clarke County Clerk of Court has an excellent online system for reviewing case documents filed in your case. The court also has its own local rules that must be followed when dealing with cases in the court.

The primary processes for the Superior Court are filing suits, hearings, trials, appeals, and collections. Filing a lawsuit involves filing a complaint and being assigned a case number. Hearings are held to hear evidence and arguments from both sides of the dispute.

Trials take place after hearings, where lawyers present witnesses and other evidence to the judge or jury to reach a verdict. Appeals can be filed if either side is dissatisfied with the trial’s outcome.

Basic Information About the Court

The Athens-Clarke County Superior Court’s office is located just down the street from our office at the following address:

325 Washington St

Suite 450

Post Office Box 1805

Athens, GA, 30603

The court operates from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

If you are planning to visit the court, it is better to have your court documents with you. The officials in the clerk’s office might ask you for it.

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