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No matter the charge, know that you are not alone. Read about clients with similar charges who were able to achieve victory at trial or on appeal.
False Imprisonment

Charges Dismissed

Kidnapping and False Imprisonment charges dismissed prior to indictment as a result of an aggressive investigation and hard fought motion hearing.

Not Guilty

Not guilty verdict secured in a DUI trial involving the admission of marijuana use.

Charges Dismissed

Felony theft charges dismissed after a detail focused defense initiated investigation.


Not Guilty on All Counts

The client was charged with cashing fraudulent checks. Ryan proved to the jury that his client was actually an unwitting accomplice in an international fraudulent check scam. The accused was the victim. The jury declared his client not guilty on all counts. 


Charges Dismissed

The client was charged with child molestation. After an aggressive, early investigation, Adam successfully got the charges dismissed before the case was indicted.


Not Guilty on All Charges

The client was accused of assaulting a police officer. Ryan convinced the judge to release her on bond before trial, and despite video evidence, the jury sided with the accused. It found her not guilty on all charges. She left the courtroom a free woman.


Case Dismissed

The client faced fraud charges for allegedly stealing more than $20,000.00. After Adam filed and won a plea in bar and a special demurrer, the client’s felony case was dismissed.


All Charges Were Dismissed

Client faced decades in prison after receiving 50 pounds of marijuana in the mail. Through a pretrial motion to suppress evidence, Ryan successfully argued that the search warrant was fatally flawed. The trial court excluded all evidence against his client, and all charges were dismissed.


Motion to Suppress Granted

Client was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine. After a motion to suppress and legal argument, the trial court granted Adam’s motion to suppress, preventing the state from using any of the alleged contraband at trial and resulting in a dismissal of the case.


Full Acquittal on All Charges

Client faced life in prison for a violent armed robbery. After successfully challenging the admissibility of his confession, Ryan filed a demand for a speedy trial, took the case to trial, and won a full acquittal on all charges!


Santos v. State

The client had been facing a possible sentence of life in prison. Adam convinced the Georgia Supreme Court to accept an interlocutory appeal and then declare Georgia’s sex offender registration statute to be unconstitutional as applied to homeless individuals.


Dismiss the DUI Charge

The client was charged with DUI when a flat tire caused his car to swerve after a night of dinner and drinks at his mom’s. A traffic stop resulted in a series of roadside sobriety tests. After a motion to suppress and legal argument, the trial court granted our motion to suppress, preventing the state from using all evidence from the traffic stop at trial and resulting in a dismissal of the case.


Price v. State

The Court of Appeals initially issued an unpublished opinion in this case. Adam convinced the Court of Appeals that their initial opinion was in error. They reissued the opinion and reversed his client’s burglary conviction.


Probation and Community Service

A university student faced a felony burglary arrest with potentially serious, long-term consequences. After Ryan highlighted the student’s accomplishments and outstanding qualities, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the charge and seal his record after a short probation period and community service.


Cabrera v. State

The client had been convicted of trafficking approximately $90,000 worth of methamphetamine. Adam convinced the Court of Appeals to reverse the client’s methamphetamine trafficking conviction.


Case Was Dropped

High school student faced allegations of a felony sexual offense involving his underage girlfriend. Ryan was able to persuade law enforcement not to file any charges. The case was dropped, and the accused was allowed to return to school and graduate.


State v. Simon

The client faced possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charges. The client had been the driver of a car in which police located large amounts of marijuana in the trunk. Adam was able to obtain not guilty verdicts from the jury.


Prosecutors Close the Case With No Charges Filed

The client was charged with sexual assault after a night of socializing and intimacy. After an aggressive defense investigation, Ryan persuaded prosecutors that the accusations were completely unfounded and greatly exaggerated. Prosecutors closed the case with no charges being filed.


State v. Rider

The client faced possession of methamphetamine charges. After an aggressive defense, Adam obtained not guilty verdicts from the jury.


3rd DUI Dismissed

The client was charged with his 3rd DUI. Adam was able to have this DUI dismissed, allowing him to plead to a reckless driving charge and avoid some of the very serious sentencing provisions of a 3rd DUI.


Gable v. State

Adam convinced the Georgia Supreme Court to accept a discretionary appeal at which he argued for the expansion of a constitutional right to counsel on discretionary appeals.

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