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Braselton Criminal Defense Attorneys

Facing criminal charges in Braselton, GA, carries significant consequences. Your freedom, liberty, and personal assets are all at risk. It’s crucial not to entrust your criminal defense to just any Georgia lawyer when the stakes are this high. At Swingle Levin LLC, we embody the tenacity and determination you need at this crucial time.

Some of the practice areas of criminal law of our firm include:

  • DUI: Driving under the influence is treated seriously in Georgia. We use strategic defense tactics to challenge the evidence presented against you.

  • Drug Crimes: From possession to trafficking, we understand the nuances of drug-related charges and formulate robust defenses.

  • Sex Offenses: Allegations of sex offenses carry a social stigma. We work discreetly and assertively to mitigate the consequences.

  • Other Areas: Assault, murder, computer crimes, and so on. Our practice areas section outlines many other types of crimes we defend against. 

Regardless of the allegations, we offer unwavering support to our many clients. We combine indomitable spirit with over 35 years of collective experience to deliver client-centered advocacy that adapts to the complexities of your case. Our successful results in the face of formidable opposition testify to our commitment to excellence.

Choosing the right criminal lawyer in Braselton, GA, can make a difference in the outcome of your case. We are not just lawyers; we are your champions in pursuing justice.

Understanding Criminal Law in Braselton, GA

In Braselton, like the rest of Georgia, the Criminal Code of Georgia lays out the rules for criminal responsibility, defines what counts as criminal behavior, and details the consequences or penalties involved. These criminal acts ranging from misdemeanors to major felonies, each carrying potential penalties that can significantly impact an accused person’s life.

At Swingle Levin LLC, we understand the gravity of a criminal conviction and its lifelong consequences. Here are some examples of the penalties you may face for criminal charges in Braselton:

  • Misdemeanors in Braselton: Less severe crimes are punishable by up to 12 months in jail, according to the code of ordinances of Braselton, Georgia. These include petty theft and simple assault. More severe offenses are classified as high and aggravated misdemeanors, carrying fines of up to $5,000. This is commonly seen in cases of repeated offenses within the same period. Examples include a third DUI, aggressive driving, and evading law enforcement.

  • Felonies in Braselton: More severe offenses, such as murder or drug trafficking, come with harsher sentences, including lengthy prison time, substantial fines, or even capital punishment.

We aim to protect our client’s rights through each stage of the criminal case process. From the initial investigation to the filing of charges, during arraignment, and if necessary, through to a jury trial, we are relentless in our pursuit of justice.

The role of a criminal law GA attorney is to provide a robust defense strategy. This may involve filing motions in criminal defense cases to minimize or dismiss charges. Our mission to deliver client-centered legal representation emphasizes the importance of personalizing our legal strategies to each unique situation.

Our years of experience confirm that being proactive and assertive in defense efforts often yields the most favorable outcomes. Whether navigating plea bargains for a misdemeanor or advocating for clients in high-stakes felony trials, our work at Swingle Levin LLC spans various criminal law scenarios.

Your Rights and Protections

At Swingle Levin LLC, we understand that facing criminal charges can send ripples through every aspect of your life. As our client, your rights are paramount, and our top priority is to protect them every step of the way. Faced with evidence suppression or witness credibility issues, our firm leverages proven strategies grounded in legal precedents in our past cases. We’ve also successfully suppressed unlawfully obtained evidence, as in the drug trafficking case, and exposed witness credibility flaws, which led to several client acquittals. Your rights are our priority.

From the moment of custody, through every hearing, up to jury trials or appeals, we are at your side, advocating tenaciously for your interests.

We are more than just attorneys; we are your staunch defenders as you face a complex legal system. Whether you’re facing charges in the local municipal court or navigating the intricate procedures of higher courts, our deep knowledge of the Braselton court system gives you an edge.

  • Client-centered Representation: We personalize our defense strategies to suit each unique case, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are respected.
  • Assertive Courtroom Presence: Should your case proceed to trial, we are your unwavering representatives, fighting to secure a favorable outcome.

Building A Robust Defense

Building a robust defense is critical. Here’s how we do it:

  • Intensive Preparation: We meticulously review case details, interview witnesses, and gather evidence to dismantle the prosecution’s claims.
  • Experienced Involvement: We create a comprehensive criminal defense that challenges the charges against you.
  • Addressing Legal Challenges: Whether confronting evidence suppression or witness credibility issues, we use every tool to protect your rights. 

If you’ve received a guilty verdict or are struggling with the terms of probation, don’t lose hope. Swingle Levin LLC is adept at identifying and executing strategies that yield relief and, when possible, exoneration.

Remember, each moment matters when you’re faced with criminal accusations. The mission of Swingle Levin LLC is clear: to ensure a tailored, relentless defense for each individual who entrusts us with their case.

We are your firm if you need advocates as dedicated to your defense as you are to your freedom.

Count on Swingle Levin LLC for a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer in Braselton, GA

When you choose us, you’re gaining partners who understand the gravity of a criminal charge and its life-altering consequences. We approach every case with the utmost seriousness and dedication, ensuring we explore every angle of defense available to our clients. Our legal team is devoted and versatile. We’re able to handle anything from misdemeanors to major felonies.

Our priority is to offer responsive and ethical legal counsel to provide peace of mind to every client who enters our doors. We emphasize the need for immediate action in criminal cases, recognizing that time is critical in mounting a successful criminal defense attorney.

If you’re seeking a relentless and confident criminal lawyer in Braselton, GA, remember that swift action paired with our battle-tested and skilled criminal defense lawyers can make a difference. Act promptly; your future may depend on it. Contact us today to set up a free consultation and see how our knowledgeable legal team can assist you.