How We Investigate Your Case

How Does Adam Levin Law, LLC, Investigate Your Case?

There’s a lot at stake when you’re facing serious criminal charges. At Adam Levin Law, LLC, we understand how challenging it is to go through the criminal process, and we are committed to helping you come out of it with the best possible outcome.

We have over 15 years of exclusive experience in criminal defense, ten of which have been dedicated to representing those facing the death penalty. We have successfully obtained favorable outcomes and results for our clients thanks to our thorough and detail-oriented defense investigations.

Adam Levin is a battle-tested defense lawyer with extensive experience investigating serious felonies and death penalty cases in Georgia. He goes above and beyond to locate witnesses and obtain favorable evidence. Read on to learn how we investigate your case and work to get you the results you anticipate.

How Does Criminal Defense Investigations Work?

When facing criminal charges, people rely on criminal defense attorneys to represent and defend them throughout the process. To be able to do that, defense attorneys must carry out thorough investigations to find holes and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and obtain evidence favorable to the accused.

The purpose of defense investigations is not necessarily to prove the accused’s innocence. Rather, lawyers can work to uncover possible violations by police officers or weaknesses that can get the charges dropped or reduced.

The following is the process we follow to investigate your case:

1. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a crucial step in our defense investigations. This is where we get to hear your side of the story for the first time and learn about the available case details. The information we can acquire during the initial consultation will depend mainly on when it takes place, i.e., before or after the arrest or at a later stage in the legal process.

We start investigating your case immediately following the initial consultation. Criminal cases are usually urgent and can’t afford any further delay.

2. Collecting Supporting Evidence

The most important part of a criminal defense investigation is obtaining and collecting evidence. This can be physical evidence, such as weapons, DNA, and impressions or witness testimonies.

All favorable evidence can be used during the discovery stage, where both parties present their evidence, to either negotiate a plea deal or get the case dismissed. However, investigations can sometimes lead to evidence unfavorable to our case. We use this as an opportunity to find and prepare solid defenses.

Here’s how we collect supporting evidence during an investigation:

  • Investigating the crime scene

At Adam Levin Law, LLC, we believe in actively seeking evidence instead of sitting behind a desk and waiting for the results of the police criminal investigation. We visit the scene of the alleged crime as soon as possible and capture, collect, and preserve evidence. We also use the help of crime scene and forensic experts for scene reenactments and DNA analysis.

  • Interviewing witnesses

Identifying and interviewing witnesses can make a huge difference in the outcome of a criminal case. Witnesses can be individuals who saw or heard the alleged crime or have a close connection to the case or defendant.

At Adam Levin Law, LLC, we do everything in our power to locate witnesses, record their statements, and prepare them to testify.

  • Retrieving digital evidence

Digital evidence is any electronic communication belonging to the accused or other parties involved in the case. Examples of digital evidence that we look for and collect include:

  • Phone calls

  • Text messages

  • Emails

  • Obtaining video footage and recordings

Investigators can use video footage recorded by security cameras in the area where the event occurred or other relevant areas. These are then analyzed to obtain as much information as possible.

3. Analyzing and Scrutinizing the Prosecution’s Evidence

The prosecution is legally required to disclose all evidence it has during the discovery stage. To make sure the prosecution turns over all its evidence, including evidence favorable to our case, we usually file Brady motions.

After obtaining the prosecution’s evidence, we analyze and scrutinize it for possible weaknesses, discrepancies, and violations, including:

  • Evidence obtained through an unlawful search

  • Lack of probable cause

  • Confessions or statements taken before Miranda warnings

  • Evidence obtained without a search warrant

  • contradictory evidence

  • False or unsubstantiated assumptions

Evidence obtained in violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights may be ruled inadmissible. This includes violating your right to remain silent and consult an attorney.

Why Are Criminal Defense Investigations Important?

Criminal defense investigations make the difference between a guilty and not guilty verdict. Carrying out an independent investigation is vital to reveal the other side of the story that police reports don’t cover.

Our defense investigations have helped us:

  • Dismiss cases before they go to trial due to false, insufficient, or misconstrued evidence

  • Prevent a guilty verdict by presenting strong evidence that contradicts the prosecution’s allegations

  • Reduce the defendant’s charges or sentence

  • Reach a favorable plea deal with the prosecution

Adam Levin Law, LLC, Can Help You

Being accused or arrested for a crime is not a pleasant experience. At Adam Levin Law, LLC, we have been handling serious criminal cases for over a decade, and we understand the toll they can have on those accused and their families. This is why we take defense investigations so seriously.

Our extensive experience and proven investigative skills can help you turn the tide and get justice. We have helped hundreds across Georgia receive the favorable results they hoped for. We can help you, too.

Schedule your free consultation with Adam Levin Law, LLC, today, and let us start investigating your case as soon as possible.