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Meet John Toney, Associate Attorney

As a lifelong resident of Georgia, I understand the impact that powerful advocacy has in every setting of life. My mother was an elementary school teacher for over 25 years, dedicated to selfless service in the name of bettering those around her. My father worked in the President’s Office at UGA before running the Northeast Georgia Food Bank for a short stint and now owns his own business where he provides crisis communications plans for local and regional businesses. He always says, “you get the community that you’re willing to build.”

My roots in Georgia are deep. I was born in Lavonia, raised in Oconee, and earned each of my degrees from Georgia universities. I attended Georgia College and State University earning a Bachelor of Arts in History before jumping over to Athens for my Juris Doctorate at the University of Georgia School of Law. Every experience and assignment along the way drove me to the conclusion that my calling is to help those in need of an aggressive and dedicated advocate by their side.

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My job is to be on the cutting edge of legal theories and possible defenses for your case. That is why I start each day reviewing recent Supreme Court decisions and crafting unique motions that will limit what the prosecution can use against you. Every day as your advocate I will put down a brick and by the time your trial comes around, there will be a wall between you and the prosecution.

My wife and I attend Life Church of Athens with our son, where we hope to instill the same love, faith, and commitment to community that is at the core of our marriage.

At its heart my practice is about taking the worst day of your life and making sure that you are not defined by those moments for the rest of your life. As your advocate, I will work tirelessly to ensure that you are respected and informed throughout the life of your case. I began my career as a prosecutor. Therefore I know how the other side thinks, plans, and strategizes. I use this experience and perspective in all my cases to be better prepared and to find the weak spots in your charges.

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