Criminal Defense Services

At Swingle Levin Law, we provide skilled criminal defense for complex charges, from drug crimes to fraud, and from assault to murder.


Our Practice Areas


DUI and related traffic offenses are some of the most punitive offenses on the books. If you’re charged with a DUI, serious injury by motor vehicle, or other related traffic offenses, you need to speak with an attorney who is familiar with the use of experts and this rapidly changing area of law.

Sex Crimes

These are among the most devasting allegations a person can face. If you’re charged with a sex crime, you need some who will aggressively investigate your charges and won’t wilt under the pressure associated with an offense that could land you in prison for the rest of your life.

Drug Crimes

We help individuals fight charges related to drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, and drug possession.

Assault and Battery

Crimes of violence, especially those involving deadly weapons, can be challenging to defend. We will examine the evidence against you and develop a strong trial strategy.


Swingle Levin Law has a successful track record of defending individuals against the most serious murder charges, including death penalty cases.

University Misconduct

Swingle Levin LLC is your trusted university misconduct attorney in Athens, Georgia. We are dedicated to providing strong legal representation for cases involving university misconduct. Contact us today to discuss your rights and options.


Swingle Levin LLC is a trusted and experienced felony defense attorney. Put your future in capable hands and fight for your rights.


Swingle Levin LLC is your trusted fraud lawyer in Athens, Georgia. With our skills and experience, we are dedicated to delivering the best legal services for fraud cases. Contact us today for a consultation.

Computer Crimes

Complex cases involving the use of computers require skilled litigation and deep working knowledge of computer systems, software, coding languages, and digital forensics. Swingle Levin Law has the experience you need to achieve success at trial.


Attorney in Georgia
Swingle Levin LLC: Your trusted misdemeanor defense attorney, fighting for your rights and freedom. Don’t face the charges alone, contact us for skilled legal representation.

Temporary Protective Orders

The Temporary Protective order is a method provided in Georgia for people to ask the judicial system to help them get another person out of their life. 

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We provide skilled representation for the most serious criminal charges. Contact our office today to discuss the specific facts of your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney.