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If you or a loved one has been accused of a sex crime, then you already know how serious the consequences of a conviction can be. Georgia has implemented severe punishments for individuals convicted of sexual offenses. The police and other law enforcement authorities may use strategies encouraging defendants to forfeit important constitutional protections, such as the right to remain silent. Prosecutors will work tirelessly to ensure a sexual offender receives the maximum sentence. Friends, family, and neighbors of the accused may turn their backs.

This is where a sex offenses attorney from Swingle Levin LLC can help. For nearly two decades, we have defended individuals accused of committing sex offenses such as rape, sexual assault, child molestation, and similar crimes. When all seems lost, we are here to listen to you, stand by your side, and fight for your rights in court.

Types of Sex Offense Cases

Georgia laws (OCGA §16-6-5.1) define sexual contact as “any contact involving the intimate parts of either person for the purpose of sexual gratification of either person.” Furthermore, many people use terms such as “sexual assault” and “rape” interchangeably. In Georgia, various sex crimes carry distinct definitions and consequences, ranging from rape to aggravated sodomy. 

In Athens, GA, in addition to the criminal process against the defendant, they may be pursued for medical expenses and other damages by the alleged victim. If you are charged with a sex offense, you may need assistance from a sex crimes lawyer in Athens, Georgia. Understanding different sex offenses is crucial to navigating the legal landscape effectively. A few sex offenses have been enumerated below:


‍As per Georgia sex crimes laws, rape occurs when one has carnal knowledge of a female against her will or a female minor below ten years. Carnal knowledge is the penetration of the female genitalia by the male sex organ. Rape can be categorized into different forms depending on the situation. Some of the most common forms of rape include date rape, spousal rape, and gang rape.

Sexual Battery

‍A sexual battery occurs when one knowingly indulges in sexual contact with another person’s intimate organs without consent. Aggravated sexual battery occurs if a foreign object is used to penetrate the intimate body parts of another without consent.

This offense is categorized as a felony, and enhanced penalties are applicable if the victim is under 16.  

‍‍Child Molestation

‍Child molestation involves committing an indecent act with or in the presence of a child below 16 years intending to please their sexual desires or the child’s. It also includes sending inappropriate images of someone engaged in such acts to a child under 16 through an electronic device for the same intent.

Statutory Rape

‍Statutory rape charges refer to a sexual offense where the victim is legally incapacitated to consent to sexual intercourse. In most cases, statutory rape can involve sexual activity with a minor.

In Georgia, the legal age of consent is 16, meaning individuals must be at least 16 to engage in sexual activity. Those aged 16 or younger cannot legally consent to such activity, and having sexual relations with someone below this age can lead to statutory rape charges.

‍‍Aggravated Sodomy

Forcefully committing sodomy is punishable under Georgia sexual assault laws. Aggravated sodomy occurs when someone engages in non-consensual sodomy using force or when they engage in sodomy with a person under ten years of age. The offender cannot use the fact that the victim is their spouse as a defense before a court of law.

Other sex crimes punishable under Georgia law include bestiality, child pornography, soliciting prostitutes, sexual abuse, and public indecency.

Crimes involving sexual misconduct and sexual assault are often difficult to defend, but our law firm never shies away from a challenge. With nearly two decades of criminal defense experience, we know how the system works, what prosecutors are looking for, and the strategies they use to put offenders behind bars.

Possible Sex Crime Penalties

Different types of offenses are punishable by different levels of penalties. Some sexual offenses, such as sexual battery against a minor, could lead to a felony charge punishable by 1-5 years in prison. The offender’s name is also recorded as a sex offender in the sexual offender registry. Moreover, aggravated sexual battery can result in 25 years to life of prison time, in addition to heavy fines.

Penalties for rape offenses can lead to the death penalty, life imprisonment, or a minimum of twenty-five years in prison. An offense of rape is a felony but can be classified as a misdemeanor if the victim is between the ages of 14 and 16 and the perpetrator is 18 or no more than four years older than the victim, under “Romeo and Juliet” provisions.

Aggravated child molestation and sodomy can be life-sentencing felonies with a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison followed by a probation sentence for life.

A state/federal sex crime conviction can carry severe penalties. Regardless of the crime or charges levied against you, consider hiring a sex offenses lawyer to protect your rights in court.

How a Sex Offenses Attorney Can Defend Your Criminal Sex Offense Charges

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Georgia, consider seeking the assistance of an Athens sex crimes lawyer who can understand your rights and the possible consequences.

Criminal defense attorneys from Swingle Levin LLC offer a range of crucial services to individuals facing sex-related charges. We can provide legal guidance and representation throughout the legal process. Our services include:

      1. Legal Counsel: We can offer legal advice, explaining charges, potential consequences, and defense strategies.
      2. Investigation: We conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and examine law enforcement procedures to build a strong defense.
      3. Defense Strategy: We can craft a tailored defense strategy to challenge evidence, question witnesses, and seek reduced charges or acquittal.
      4. Negotiation: We can negotiate with prosecutors for plea bargains or reduced charges when it’s in your best interest.
      5. Court Representation: We vigorously represent you in court, cross-examine witnesses, and present a compelling defense.
      6. Appeals: We can file appeals to review legal errors or seek reduced sentences if convicted.
      7. Support and Advocacy: We provide emotional support and advocate for your rights throughout the process. We work diligently to protect your rights and future.

Need to Build a Solid Defense Against Your Sex Crime Charges? We Can Help!

Police and prosecutors – even many friends and family – will reduce your life to what is contained in a police report. We understand that you are more than your worst day. Regardless of the crime you are accused of, we want to listen to your story.

If you have been charged with sexual assault, do not hesitate to call our office. It can be difficult to talk about sex crime cases with anyone, especially a sex crime defense attorney. We are here for you and ready to fight for your rights on your behalf.

At Swingle Levin LLC, we are always ready to put up an aggressive fight in court to ensure you get a fair hearing and your rights are fully protected. Please get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.